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Best Privacy Trees for North Texas

Isn’t it annoying when your neighbors constantly try to make conversations across the yard? Especially when you’re kicking back after a long day at work.

Privacy is a big concern in our gardens. While we love our neighbors (ok, we hope to be lucky enough to love our neighbors), having that private space when you are outside is important to what a garden is all about. None of us want to build a ten foot wall all around our property. Fortunately, there is a better way. Privacy with plants!

Using plants to create privacy is not only a friendly way to keep out prying eyes of passers-by, it also makes your garden space more green! And who doesn’t want more green in a garden? Plants can be used in the ground or in movable containers, or can be trained to grow up and over a structure. Use fast growing evergreens for year round privacy. Or, use a plant that drops it’s leaves in the winter and let’s in all that light. (Are you really gonna be out by the pool then anyway?) Think ornamental grasses or climbing vines, trees, outdoor bamboo or shrub hedges. Whatever the privacy needs are for your space, there is a plant that can provide it!


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