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Protect Your Plants From a Freeze this Winter!

Texas is known for its hot summers, even on Christmas it's 70 degrees! But on rare occasions, an ice storm will creep in. The temperatures will drop down to below 30, freezing rain will start, and ice will form... causing hazardous conditions for not only humans but nature as well. We can wrap your shrubs to keep them safe!

What temperature should I start taking pre cautions?

All plants are divided into different hardiness zones. This means some plants many need early precautions than others. But when to take it seriously for all plants on your property, will be when temperatures are in below freezing weather.

How to protect your plants from freeze: - Shrub Wrapping - Wrap Palm trees (all varieties) - Cover or wrap Agaves and cactus (all varieties) - If you have a rain/freeze sensor, it should automatically engage, but we recommend that you turn off your irrigation controller to be safe

Keep your home safe by: -Covering all outdoor spigots -Leave indoor faucets on a light trickle -Set your home thermostat to at least 60 and consider opening any lower cabinets with exposed pipes to allow the warm air to circulate -Apply Ice Melt


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